Patented Nanotechnology

Dr. Smirnov migrated to the USA and took 10 years to develop the resonating effect that he discovered. In 2000, his patent for the methods and devices for producing activated liquids was approved by the US Patent Office. He called this Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET).

Liquids are the most abundant substance found in the human body. MRET activated liquids are absorbed by the body 3 to 6 times faster than normal liquids. Only MRET activated liquids are able to boost our health by helping our bodies: It is perhaps ironic that the devastating tragedy of Chernobyl, which took so many lives, led to the discovery of life-enhancing MRET technology.

  • rapidly achieve optimal levels of hydration
  • take in nutrients
  • eliminate waste and toxins
  • combat harmful intruders such as unfriendly bacteria, fungi, viruses and free radicals
  • recover from cellular damage
  • enhance proper communication between cells
  • boost the immune system’s response
  • regenerate tissues
  • promote healthy cells